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Welcome to McLelland + Palazzi | Financial economics.  We are highly experienced, well trained professionals who are involved in all phases of financial economic research, education, and consulting; providing services to both large and mid-market companies in Brazil (also see our professional links on the right side of this page).

We have completed many successful projects in recent years for well-known Brazilian and international companies including …

—  Aguas Prata Ltda.
—  Banco ABN Amro S.A.
—  Banco Caixa Geral Brasil S.A.
—  Banco PAN S.A.
—  Bug Agentes Biológicos Ltda.
—  CGD Investimentos CVC S.A.
—  China Construction Bank (Brasil) Banco Múltiplo S.A.
—  Figueiredo Ferraz Consultoria e Engenharia de Projecto S.A.
—  Hotéis Transamérica
—  La Basque Alimentos Ltda.
—  Rede Rádio Transamérica
—  Transamerica Expo Center
—  JB Cred S.A.

Our primary areas of expertise are in (1) economic and financial modeling, (2) econometric analysis, (3) asset pricing and valuation, and (4) risk-based decision-making and financial management methods.  Most succinctly, our expertise is in using quantitative methods to develop reliable information for improved management decision-making and control.

We look forward to communicating with you about these things here!

São Paulo