International cost of capital estimation

You are a well-trained finance professional working in a globalized capital market environment. You need to know the basics of estimating international cost of capital. All that is required to develop accurate, reliable estimates of international cost of capital is captured in just four equations based on a well-known theory by a well-known economist 40 years ago:

And yet ……..

The writings of well-known authorities on international cost of capital (ICC) estimation–Campbell Harvey, Aswath Damodaran, and Roger Grabowski–suggest there are four fundamental and interrelated problems with existing ICC estimation methods:

(1) Lack of coherent theory and methods for pricing cross-border risks.
(2) Use of ad hoc risk premiums based on assumptions; not estimates.
(3) Use of nominal risk-free rates on assets that are demonstrably risky.
(4) ICC estimates that are not clearly opportunity costs of capital

All finance professionals involved in cross-border, international asset valuation will no doubt want to consider how these problems can be solved … using a method that has existed for about 40 years.  

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McLelland, Malcolm, 2018, “International cost of capital estimation: The no-arbitrage method” available online Social Sciences Research Network.

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