Firm overview

Vedute von Delphi mit einer Opferprozession – Claude Lorrain (c 1650)

McLelland + Palazzi | Financial economics

We are highly experienced, well trained professionals who are involved in all phases of financial economic research, education, and consulting; providing services to both large and mid-market companies in Brazil.

Consulting services.  Our consulting services exclusively involve …

+ economic and financial modeling
+ econometric analysis
+ asset pricing and valuation

… which we use to assist our clients solve problems related to …

+ merger and acquisition analysis, structuring, and pricing
+ negotiating private debt and equity placements
+ financial reporting (IFRS compliance)
+ financial planning, performance measurement, and control

Most succinctly, our services involve using quantitative methods to develop reliable information for improved financial decisions and control.

Consulting clients.  We have completed many successful projects in recent years for well-known Brazilian and international companies including …

Banks and financial services
—  Banco ABN Amro S.A.
—  Banco Andbank (Brasil) S.A.
—  Banco Caixa Geral Brasil S.A.
—  Banco Yamaha Motor do Brasil S.A.
—  CGD Investimentos CVC S.A.
—  China Construction Bank (Brasil) Banco Múltiplo S.A.
—  JB Cred S.A.
—  Omni Soluções Financeiras

Commercial and industrial
—  Aguas Prata Ltda.
—  Axis Renováveis and affiliates
—  Bug Agentes Biológicos Ltda.
—  Decoded Health Inc.
—  Figueiredo Ferraz Consultoria e Engenharia de Projecto S.A.
—  Hotéis Transamérica
—  La Basque Alimentos Ltda.
—  Rede Rádio Transamérica
—  Transamerica Expo Center

Consulting projects recently completed during 2016-2019 include …

+ valuation of R$ 691M of securitized distressed bank credit portfolios
+ valuation advisory on R$ 675M of credit-linked note transactions
+ pricing / hedge effectiveness tests of R$ 149.4M of FX / interest rate swaps
+ valuation of long-lived assets (and intangibles) of R$ 55.3M under IAS 36
+ valuation of privately-held equity of R$ 151.8M

How we differ from other consultants.  What makes us different from other consultants?  In short, we are different because …

We provide reliable, verifiable, data-driven, risk-based valuations and forecasts for
financial executives who want more successful decisions and negotiations
—not unsupported opinions and advice.

To understand these things more clearly, please click here for an overview of exactly what we do, how we do it, and why; and it will perhaps be quite evident how we differ from other consultants as well.  And, of course, we are very pleased to answer any questions about our work.  Please contact me if we can be of assistance:

São Paulo
22 May 2019